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Here at UDrive With Vik I strongly believe it is important that you enjoy your lessons; if that is the case you will find it much easier learning to drive. Therefore I conduct all lessons with good humour and also I listen carefully to what you want to do, ensuring I use techniques best suited to your individual learning needs.

What To Bring To Your First Lesson
Please bring your provisional licence so I can conduct a DVLA licence check using your postcode and the long number on your licence. I will also ask you to enter your national insurance number on the DVLA website so I can view your licence record online.

You need to show you can read a licence plate from 20 metres, so bring your glasses or contact lenses if you need to wear them. You should have already completed your payment online or by BACs before your lesson, but if you haven’t I will need you to do so before we proceed with the lesson.

On Your First Lesson
After we’ve checked your licence and tested your long distance eyesight, I’ll issue you with your reflective log book and we can start the lesson.

A typical first lesson involves learning how to operate the car controls and learning how to move off and stop under full control. However, if you have a particular aim I will do my best to help you achieve it!

Remember that everyone comes at this with different skills and experiences, but there is no need to measure yourself against others. If you pick things up fast then that’s great, but there’s also no shame in taking longer, and I will always ensure I show patience and encouragement at every stage along the way.

I hope you are looking forward to learning to drive. I can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams!

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